“Having an Emotional Intelligence coach gives you the best path to upgrading your EI skill set.”
— Dr. Daniel Goleman

A personal trainer in your fitness gym can help you progress much faster than on your own. In the same way, a personal EI coach can help you learn more quickly and efficiently. And help you get the best possible results. This helps install lasting improvements in EI competencies.

“Emotional Intelligence has proven the key skill set for anything where people are crucial. In leadership, teamwork, sales and client management e.t.c.

To master competencies like empathy and influence, it helps to have support and guidance of an expert coach. And, ideally, a tutorial with personal feedback.

That’s where coaching can make a big difference. And that’s why I’m offering a certification for coaches. So that they can best help clients strengthen their competence in emotional intelligence.”

— Dr. Daniel Goleman

The Benefits of EI Coaching

Here is why working with a coach is so beneficial:

A coach can help you see your blind spots

A coach helps you see your habitual patterns. Your unconscious mindset, beliefs, emotional triggers, and behaviors. Things that are not apparent to you but are not aligned with your aspirations. And that may be limiting your growth.

He or she can also help you learn practices to become more self-aware. To become more aware of how your thinking and beliefs can get in the way of executing well toward your goals. This is the first step for change because you can only change what you are aware of.

A coach keeps you on track

A coach can also provide much needed accountability. He or she will be a reminder for you to continue to work with yourself. To apply and experiment with new mental models and ways of acting. Things that are outside your habitual patterns. On high-pressure days when you fall back on old ways of acting, a coach can support you to not give up. Instead, he or she can help you use a failure to learn to do the right thing the next time around.

A coach can provide support to overcome old habits

You can have the best development plan in the world. You can understand it with great mental clarity. But if your beliefs or habits derail the tactics and plans you have, then you remain stuck. A coach can show you how to “unstick” habits that don’t work.

The MBEID Coaching Program

The first topic in MBEID coaching is your EI profile. To help you understand it. And to become clearer about your development potential. Based on these, we will together set your learning goals.

Then, all along the way, as you go through the 12-week training, you have regular coaching sessions. I will provide you with personal one-on-one guidance. To help you develop your EI and thus step by step unlock your potential more and more.

Most of all, my goal will be to enable you to become your own coach.

I usually offer coaching only in combination with the MBEID 12-week Training. You will find my different coaching offerings at the end of that page. For other coaching requests, please contact me.

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I hope what you learned about Emotional Intelligence was enriching. I wish you well on your life's learning journey.  Regardless of whether you sign up to my trainings or not.

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