A 12-week practical training

Learn how mindfulness and emotional intelligence can help you get the best out of your life

“This is the training I wished I had 30 years ago when I discovered my passion for mindfulness.  

I am certain it would have allowed me to train much more effectively and saved me years of effort.

— Bernie Schreck
Founder of MBEID

This course presents a practical manual for working with yourself. It will train you in very useful inner life skills that we are not taught when we grow up.

First, it will provide you with understanding how your mind works. Then it will teach you skillful methods to better manage your thoughts and emotions.

It will help upgrade your skills, whether you are new to emotional intelligence or not.

The Missing Manual for Your Mind course brings together the understanding of

• emotional intelligence
• modern neuroscience
• positive psychology
• and thousand-year-old mindfulness traditions

You will learn how you can bring your mind and body into greater alignment and harmony. And how to master your life in a more relaxed way with renewed energy.

The course is structured as a 12-week experiential training. You will receive daily lessons six days a week.

The time requirement is very manageable, even if you have a busy life. Only 20–30 minutes of dedicated time each day are necessary. You will also get assignments to integrate your practice into your life. But this will not require extra scheduled time.

About the Course 

The Missing Manual for Your Mind is presented in a fun and easily manageable step-by-step format.

• Its methodology is based on the principles of:
Learn — Reflect — Practice — Apply

• Short texts will explain the theory and practice of mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

• Over 50 summary charts will highlight the key points.

• 8 videos (5–10 minutes each) will introduce each major topic and bring it alive.

• 35 different audio meditations (5-15 minutes each) will guide you.

• Daily assignments will support you to integrate mindfulness into your life.

• Reflection and journaling exercises will deepen your understanding and experience.


Part 1:
(6 weeks)

The course is divided into two 6-week parts. The first part takes a unique experiential approach to introducing mindfulness practice. It introduces you to three important aspects of mindfulness. 

• Self-awareness
• Stable presence
• Open awareness

These are abilities that everyone can develop and grow through practice.

In this first part, you will:
• Learn methods to cultivate mindfulness
• Develop a habit of practice
• Embody mindfulness into your life
• Discover the qualities of your mind

Cultivating mindfulness will help you be more present in your life. And you will see yourself and the world more clearly.

Part 2:
Self-Management (6 weeks)

The second part is about applying emotional intelligence to your life. It will show you how you can apply the abilities you cultivated in part one to help you in your life.

You will learn to positively influence three aspects of your life experience:

• How you perceive
• How you interpret
• How you feel

In particular, you will learn to better:
• Perceive yourself and the outer world with an open and non-judgmental mind
• Stop negative self-talk from negatively affecting you
• Let go of self-limiting beliefs
• Develop a positive growth-oriented mindset and outlook
• Align your life with your beliefs and values
• Skillfully manage intense emotions

• Respond to disturbing emotions with self-compassion

Cultivating emotional intelligence will help you make wiser and more effective decisions. This will enable you to become more effective at achieving the outcomes you wish. Thus increasing wellbeing, fulfillment, and contentment in your life.

You can register for the two 6-week parts together or individually.

“Having an Emotional Intelligence coach gives you the best path to upgrading your EI skill set.”

— Dr. Daniel Goleman

EI Training:
The Best Investment you can make 

EI training is a significant investment of energy and resources. It takes time and practice! And it is very helpful to invest in a systematic training course and the support of a coach. For example, what is offered in the MBEID Coaching Packet.

However, I truly believe it is one of the best investments you can make in your life. It will give you back many times more than you put in.

The time you invest will help you be more focused and effective. Many people find that the time they put into practicing mindfulness and EI frees up more time than they put in.

The second payback is greater life satisfaction. Imagine that after the program you feel 10% happier. This is a realistic number, because it could be much higher. Could you put a price tag on being 10% happier every day for the rest of your life? I believe it’s priceless!

Increasing your EI can also help you with your career. For example, TalentsmartEQ tested the emotional intelligence of over 42,000 people. In a 2023 study, they compared their scores to their annual incomes. They found that people with high EQs make an average of $29,000 per year more than people with low EQs.

This shows that EI training is a very good investment in yourself. It will bring you more what you put in. Greater life quality, increased free time and even money. This is something you, and everyone else, deserves.

Course Sign-up:

With your purchase, you will also receive for free:
• the Introduction to EI Course,
• a 30-minute Get-to-Know call.
(If you have not already received them.)

The Missing Manual – Part 1: US$ 350

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The Missing Manual – Part 2: US$ 350

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The Missing Manual – Part 1+2: US$ 650

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Coaching Packages:

Silver Coaching Packet: US$ 2630
• The Missing Manual For Your Mind Part 1+2
• Six 75-minute coaching sessions

• One 90-minute Capstone Coaching Call
(read more about coaching here)

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Gold Coaching Packet: US$ 2980
• Silver Coaching Packet
• Plus: EI Profile with 90-minute coaching session
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Platinum Coaching Packet: US$ 3970
• Gold Coaching Packet
• Plus: 12 weeks of personal 1:1 journaling
(read more about journaling

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My 30-day Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the training, I am happy to offer a full refund within 30 days of starting the Introduction to EI course.

In order to get the refund:
• You actually need to have done the course work, exercises and suggested practices
• You need to be able to document this with your written records of the course assignments. Of course, I only expect you to have records of what you are asked to do in writing.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey of inner growth and development, should you choose to sign up to one of the trainings.

Thank You Very Much for Your Visit

I hope what you learned about Emotional Intelligence was enriching. I wish you well on your life's learning journey.  Regardless of whether you sign up to my trainings or not.

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